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Sykes Cleaning Group started trading in August 2021. We have had phenomenal growth rate in that short period because we truly believe that the main key to our success are three things: Complete Transparency, Excellent Communication and Extremely Competitive Prices. Indeed, we publish our prices on our website and also provide up to seven weeks credit facility.



We offer three types of packages to suit every budget, and we are actually cheaper than the going rate for a domestic cleaner.

Our 24 hours support team will guarantee that all communications, whether it be by email or phone, we respond to WITHIN 2 hours.



We operate a GPS tracking system so that we can provide accurate billing, and should you have any queries, we are more than happy to provide the report with your invoice.

We also have various levels of management to ensure that the standard of cleaning we provide is completely maintained. We have Compliance Officers, who report to our Area Managers, who then report to our Regional Managers.



We have learnt not to assume that our service is other than excellent, so we offer 8-weekly audits, pre-arranged with the client, who will inspect every part of the cleaning. They then produce a report which may include recommendations and pointers as to where things can be improved, and this report is sent to you, the client, as well as our management team.



We then arrange for either extra training for our team members or we notify them of the areas that need further attention.



The Compliance officer will return 4 weeks later to check all the recommendations have been put in place, however we also offer to send a compliance officer if you are not happy with the service we are providing.

Because our Directors are hands-on as well, they will pop in with the client’s consent just to check up that everything is running smoothly. This we believe, is also part of the reason for our success.



In our first year, from zero, we achieved a turnover of £156.000. In our second year we increased our turnover to £279.000. We believe this year end, our third year, we are forecasting a turnover of £400.000.



We do not offer you a contract. This is because if you are not totally satisfied with our service you can give only two weeks’ notice. This demonstrates and assures you that you wouldn’t be “stuck with us”!



We found that many cleaning companies, because of their contracts, were charging clients through the pandemic. As far as we are concerned, this is grossly unfair. We also believe strongly that if your cleaning provider is unable to provide a standard of service that you are satisfied with, that you should not be tied to them, either to the end of the contract or a minimum of 3 months’ notice.



Many of our clients are happy that we are confident enough to show we do not need to tie you in, whist you are paying for an inferior service. 



We also cover TUPE and we offer an equal pay no age policy. As far as we are concerned, if a 19 year old does an excellent job, then they should be paid the same as a 25 year old. We also have a policy for people with special needs, by assigning them on sites where there is a supervisor that works with them. We also offer our team members promotional opportunities as well as courses in COSHH compliance and Health and Safety.



We hope that you will strongly consider us, so we can provide you with an exceptional cleaning service.



May we wish you health and happiness,


Sykes Cleaning Group Ltd.

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Graham Sykes


Stephanie Hassko

Operations Manager

Caroline Gullan

Accounts Manager

Natasha Stone

Compliance Officer

Ellie Sykes 

New Business Manager

Laura Flint

HR Manager

Emilia Ascroft

Legal Department

Jane Vilanueva

Compliance Officer

Luke Flint

General Manager

Elise Cooper

Head of Recruitment

Liam Overton

Media / PR

Lauren Whittaker

Compliance Officer


Certified professional cleaners throughout England & Wales

Bespoke service & fully insured 

24 Hour service to suit your operating times

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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