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Sykes Cleaning work in a variety of sectors, listed below

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In the hospitality industry it is crucial to have high standards of cleanliness. Here at Sykes Cleaning Group, we can offer the highest quality cleaners to suit your schedules, keeping your establishments pristine. Restaurants, bars, clubs, cafes and much more. We cover it all!

We offer very competitive pricing for holiday lets. We have a vast amount of experience dealing with a range of holiday lets, such as hotels, AirBnBs, holiday apartments, the list goes on. If you are looking for a bespoke cleaning service that you can rely on for regular visits, then Sykes Cleaning Group are here to assist.

Whether you’re a landlord letting out your property or a tenant renting a property in nearly every instance a professional deep clean is required. We offer a second to none service in this area in cleaning. If you’re an estate agent looking for a professional cleaning service even in very short notice then we provide this too.

We offer a 14-day anti-viral protection service as part of our commercial cleaning package. We have many commercial customers who like their offices cleaned from once a week up to every day of the week. In these current times more and more companies are aware that hygiene is the number one priority to maintain confidence from the work force so that business is not disrupted. Long gone are the days where a quick dusting and emptying the bins is sufficient to maintain a clean environment.

We offer very competitive pricing for any new build developments. We are available for 24-hour callout should any accidents or clean-ups occur. We have a vast amount of experience with dealing with development companies who use us regularly when they move onto a new development. We can offer excellent references.

From doctors’ surgeries, dentist surgeries, hospitals, chiropractors, physiotherapy we are experts in clinical cleaning and we are COSHH compliant. More now than ever before it is the most important thing to have the best cleaning service and according to our current clients we are second to none.

In today’s current endemic it’s more important now than ever before that your customers feel safe in a clean environment. We offer our retail customers the same standards of cleaning we offer our clinical and medical customers. So you can be rest assured you are providing the cleanest environment your customers would expect.

In these current times more than ever before sports facilities require a perfect clean condition to retain the confidence of your customers. We have a wealth of experience cleaning gyms, sport grounds, internal sports facilities and leisure centres. We offer a bespoke service list to each client.

Its now been established that the vast majority of young people thankfully do not suffer badly with Covid-19. However unwittingly it is claimed that they may be spreading the disease without any knowledge. We also now know that cleanliness is of paramount importance when it comes to protecting ourselves. We offer a 14-day anti-viral protection and steam cleaning as part of our package
for this service.

The communal areas in any building are the busiest used by the public. It is therefore crucial that communal facilities are cleaned thoroughly on a daily basis. We use a 14-day anti-viral protection paying special attention to surface areas that may be in contact with members of the public constantly such as door handles, lift buttons etc.