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Open Space Office

Privacy Policy

This is our privacy policy which explains how we obtain, use and keep your personal data safe in relation to our website (

your personal data can be used to identify you. It can also be used for marketing and advertising usages to help us find similar customers and clients. 

We're committed to keeping your personal information safe in accordance with applicable data protection laws.

The types of personal data we collect and use

The types of personal data we capture and use will depend on what you are doing on the website. We'll use your personal data for some or all of the reasons set out in this privacy policy. If you become a customer we'll also use it to manage the service you've applied for. Examples of the personal data we use in relation to our website may include:

• Full name and personal details including contact information (e.g. home address, email address, home and mobile telephone numbers).

• Records of services you've applied for with us. 

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